Purple Dead Nettle: The Herbal Series

purple dead nettle

I’m starting this series with purple dead nettle because it’s one of the first things I harvest in the springtime. It pops up early and quick, and it’s only around for about a week.

Reduce Food Waste & Save Money

These days, it’s more important than ever to reduce the amount of food wasted on a daily basis. We’ve all heard the term, “a penny saved is a penny earned”. Well, that’s never more true than when thinking about your grocery bill. The worst part is that most people don’t even realize how much food … Read moreReduce Food Waste & Save Money

Vintage Cooking Terms

vintage cokking kitchen

If you’re anything at all like me, then you probably love cooking and have a ton of vintage cookbooks. Mine range all the way back to the late 1700s, and I absolutely love reading through them. One of my biggest problems with these very old cookbooks was some of the terminology, cooking times, and descriptions … Read moreVintage Cooking Terms

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