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Information and Getting Back to Basics (with an update)

First of all, I’d like to apologize to all my readers for my near year-long absence and lack of information! For most of us, the state of the world has had a huge effect on how we do life. But we have to keep pressing on, especially in these trying times, to make the most of every moment.


If nothing else, this past year (almost) has taught us not to take a single thing for granted. I don’t know about you, but we have seen shortages of things we never expected to see shortages of. What’s more, some of the things that we simple folk use the most are also in short supply.

I think it started with toilet paper. Then water. And now, it’s nearly impossible to find canning jars, lids, and the like. If we can find them, we will pay exponential prices to get them. For instance, I recently browsed the web for an additional water bath canner to add to my supplies. Mine was only really tall enough for pints, and I wanted to can quarts. However, what I found was mind-numbing.

The same water bath canner I paid less than twenty dollars for not long ago was now over $100! But it gets worse. Quart-size canning jars, online, currently cost between forty and eighty dollars per dozen. But they sell for much more on bidding sites. The regular cost of these is between eight and fourteen dollars, depending on where you shop.

It’s the same story for canning lids. One box of a dozen lids, without the rings, costs between twelve and sixty dollars. And again, that goes much higher on bidding sites. Some folks did find them on Amazon and purchased them. However, they were cheap, Chinese rip-offs that failed under pressure.

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Seeds & Gardening

When everything started, back in March of this year, panic was at an all-time high. Some say it’s better now, while others might say worse, especially with our election shenanigans.

One of the things that made the news across the country was a perceived shortage of seeds and gardening supplies. Some states shut down parts of their establishments and refused to sell them, which led to a massive outcry. Online seed vendors tried to pick up the pace. But they were left with mounds of backorders and delayed delivery schedules. Some even closed down their ordering process until they could get caught up.

I was lucky to find a information about a seed company that I have come to love, called Seeds Now. Not only was I able to find an amazing supply of seeds, their service is outstanding. When I ordered seeds that were out of stock by the time my order came up, they always let me know with a handwritten note on my packing sheet, and sometimes added an alternative. There’s always something free available, each time you log in, and you can earn awesome reward points towards dollars off and more. If you’ve had trouble finding seeds, feel free to check them out RIGHT HERE.

Homeschooling Information

Many parents have found themselves educating their children at home this year. My home state is now on yet another lockdown with 100% distance learning. This is common around the nation.

I’d like to note that, no matter what you hear, “distance learning” and “homeschooling” are about as comparable as night and day. I could write an entire post on this, and probably will, but there are a few important key points you should know if you’ve thought about taking the plunge into homeschooling.

Distance learning is simply doing what your children would do at school, but doing it at home. This comes via packets sent home, zoom classes, online meetings, and more, with many parents having a multiple problems with one facet or another of the whole scenario. They don’t get to choose what their child learns, how they learn it, how quickly or slowly they learn, or when they can take breaks.

Homeschooling, on the other hand, offers freedoms you just don’t have with distance learning. You get to choose your homeschooling method, after understanding your child’s learning style. You can choose what, if any, curriculum to use. And you can choose your schedule, to a certain degree, depending on your home state. If need homeschooling advice or consultation, feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to help.

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Much-Needed Information

Now, more than ever, families need hope. They need to know what to do if things are less than perfect in our world. It’s easy to say, “You should grow a garden!” But it takes knowledge for soil preparation, seed starting, planting, care of the plants, fertilizing and harvesting. And this is just one example.

The same is true for homeschooling. It’s easy to suggest it, but it’s quite another to implement everything necessary to accomplish it.

Here at Vintage Pathways, we want to share information, resources, and options that will help you make the most of every day, no matter what you’re facing. We hope you’ll find everything you’re looking for, but if you don’t, please feel free to drop a comment below and let us know what you’re looking for! We’ll be happy to assemble any information we can to help you further.

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