blowing out a burn

Blowing Out A Burn

I never expected to be writing a post about blowing out a burn so soon  🙂  This is something I have studied for more years than I care to count. I’ve asked more people than you can shake a stick at. I’ve gotten many, many different answers and some people told me to just stop looking altogether. They said it is witchcraft, voodoo, and so forth.

However, as I said in my previous post on Ezekiel 16:6, I have seen these things work. I know that there is nothing but faith there when the “magic” is done. It is sheer faith in God and He, in His mercy, giving an answer to prayer.

Can You Really Blow Out A Burn?

Now, with that out of the way, let’s get on to a little more about what this is. Many people want to know how it works and what the words actually are.

You may have heard the story from a friend. Or maybe a relative or an old book. Maybe you are just running across a simple blog post such as this one now.

But the story holds that there is “someone” who can “blow out a burn” as they call it. It is called other things as well, such as “blow away a burn,” “talk away a burn” and so forth. Whatever it’s called, the idea is that there are people who can “say something” and the pain of a burn will vanish. If it doesn’t happen immediately, then VERY soon thereafter.

In addition, the burn will be completely healed within 30 days, with no scarring to follow. I’ve never heard of anyone needing any kind of medication or skin grafts as is often seen with many bad burns.

Witnesses With Burn Experience

I’ve talked with countless people who have, themselves, been healed this way. It even works over the phone, they say. One person gets on the phone, speaking the words. The person who is physically with the burn victim does the blowing.

It has been a long tradition that anyone who gives away the “secret” will no longer be able to do the healing. However – even though I may be breaking a tradition that dates back more than a thousand years – I do not believe that.

Jesus said in Matthew 10, verse 8, “Heal the sick: cleanse the lepers: raise up the dead: cast out the devils. Freely ye have received, freely give.

This is the main reason that I do not believe in keeping these things a secret. It’s one of the main reasons I am seeking to search out all the old ways and pass them along. I believe it is part of our duty as believers and is of the UTMOST importance! Especially for this generation, in such a time as this.

Back to blowing out the fire…

These are the words you say:

There came an angel from the East, Bringing Frost and Fire, In Frost, Out Fire. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Amen.”

(I believe this is based on Revelation chapter 7, verse 2, even though it doesn’t speak of frost.)

After saying them, hold your mouth 1-2 inches above the burned area and breathe in. Turn away from the burn site to exhale. Other healers state that they can visualize this breathing in and exhaling part and the effect is still the same.

Let me end this particular blog post by telling you something I learned about a burn. This makes more sense than anything I’ve ever heard before. It will particularly hit home with anyone who has ever done any canning. If you haven’t, well, it may not make sense to you. But believe me when I say – it’s the truth!

NEVER put cold water on a burn!!!!!

For those of you that put up canned vegetables: have you ever blanched beans or other vegetables? When the blanching is done, you plunge them into ice water to drive the heat deep into the center of the vegetable. This quickly cooks the inside and then stops.

It works the same way with a burn. When you immediately run and put it under cold water, you’re driving that burn clear to the bone. Just like with the vegetables. It sets the pain into a place that it can’t easily be taken from!

It’s no wonder why even the smallest of burns can hurt so badly for so long. While the cold feels good to the outer skin and gives a bit of temporary relief, the heat of the burn goes straight to the bone. After that, it will hurt for quite some time.

Other Great Burn Remedies

Other home remedies for quick burn relief for smaller burns is to cut the peel off a potato, take a spoon, and gently scrape across the exposed area of the potato so that the only thing that comes off is mush. You have to scrape lightly and it takes a moment. Once you have a teaspoon full, put that on the burn and it will draw the pain and the burn out.

If you have a burn that has blistered, burst and is weepy, you can sprinkle corn starch over it. That will absorb the liquid. At the same time, it will harden and protect the burn. Once it has dried well, you can peel it off and throw it away.

PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a doctor, nor any other type of medical professional, and I do NOT offer this as medical advice. Before attempting this, or any other home remedy, it is always best to consult your physician, as your own personal situation may be much different than mine.

Thank you for visiting and please, do stop back in!

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