7 Frugal Necessities for Your Kitchen


Here Are Your Frugal Must-Have’s There are certain food items that will go a lot further than others. They are the ones that you need to put back for frugal times. Foods that will stretch and makes meals larger or make them last longer are worth their weight in gold when it comes right down … Read more7 Frugal Necessities for Your Kitchen

I Am Stubborn and a Little Bit Scared

I AM STUBBORN AND A LITTLE BIT SCARED I am stubborn and a little bit scaredI wonder why my body is this old, but my heart is notI hear timing ticking by, sometimes by the secondI see the past, as well as the futureI want to be right in the center of God’s willI am … Read moreI Am Stubborn and a Little Bit Scared

Minced Eggs

minced eggs

I just love old recipes, don’t you? Sometimes, they can be fairly complicated, especially when they use vintage cooking terms. Others, like this one for Minced Eggs, can be so simple they hardly seem like trying. The good news is – this on IS worth trying! It’s a great recipe because it utilizes ingredients we … Read moreMinced Eggs

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