Chickweed: The Herbal Series

Chickweed is often coming on even before the snow has completely subsided, making it one of the earliest spring forageables.

Cloves: The Herbal Series

While cloves are not “forgeable” in the same way that purple dead nettle and violets are, it is pretty easy to get your hands on. And that’s why I include it here.

Violet: The Herbal Series

For me, the violet is another of the first forageables in the early spring, here in Central Kentucky, and I’d like to tell you a little more about what the violet can be used for. So read along!

Dandelion: The Herbal Series

Our second herb in The Herbal Series is everyone’s favorite weed: dandelion! If you aren’t aware of the many benefits, read on!

Purple Dead Nettle: The Herbal Series

purple dead nettle

I’m starting this series with purple dead nettle because it’s one of the first things I harvest in the springtime. It pops up early and quick, and it’s only around for about a week.

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