Jesus Time In My Kitchen

I’m telling you, I just needed some Jesus time today!

Health & Wellness Summit, by TTD

I am excited to announce this year’s Health and Wellness Summit, a homeschooling conference by Teach Them Diligently!

Stuck in Regular

I would not risk my eternity, even if the whole world were offended at my Jesus, my faith, and my devotion to Him.

Homeschooling Revealed!

I am so excited to announce that my newest book, Homeschooling Revealed, is now live on Amazon! Feel free to read along for more information.

First Grade Recollections

I remember having an avid knowledge of the presence of Jesus in my life, even at that young age in first grade.

God is STILL With Us

The Christmas holiday is not far behind us and Jesus’ Name, which means “God with us,” still echoes in our minds.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Come Nigh…

The greatest Christmas gift of all came to us in a manger, underneath a star that announced His arrival. Rejoice! For the Kingdom of Heaven is come nigh unto you!

Jesus, Name Above All Names

As we journey on towards our chosen celebration date for His birth, let’s remember that He came WITH a purpose and FOR a purpose. Glory to that might Name, Jesus!

Peter’s Tithe of “Nevertheless”

It was Peter’s tithe of “nevertheless” that Jesus was waiting on. His willingness to stare fresh defeat in the face and “Now I’m doing it!”

Worship Where You Are

“Keep the main thing the main thing.” And when it comes to worship, there’s only ONE main thing. And His Name is JESUS.